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Do you believe human souls are deathless and can reincarnate into new people?

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    This remarkable event took place in 1930 

    and the story has carried on to the present day. 


    Shanti Devi is the 4-year-old girl in India who remembered 

    that she had died 10 days after childbirth in her prior life. 

    Long story short .... 

    She went back to her former home in New Delhi which 

    was 90 miles away, and visited with her husband and family 

    all of whom she knew, recognized, and named. 

    The are many, many stories just like this 

    throughout history, and throughout modern times as well. 

    Although it does not occur on a daily basis, 

    there is no reason to think that reincarnation can not take place. 

    An easy & interesting read is right here:

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    YES, i know that i have lived before.

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    I think there's a factory where are the souls go and they mingle. At times they become so close they mesh together and the force is strong enough to get passed back into another life. This is why we get deja vu. 

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    Shakespeare asked... what's in a name..... I ask... what's in a belief especially when nothing can be proved either way?

    But I would like to believe that death is not the end of the 'real me'.

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    (Ecclesiastes 9:5) "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward, because all memory of them is forgotten."

    (Ecclesiastes 9:10) "Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might, for there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave, where you are going."

    No reincarnation. 

    (Ezekiel 18:4) "Look! All the souls—to me they belong. As the soul of the father so also the soul of the son—to me they belong. The soul who sins is the one who will die. "


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    The spirit-spark of God's creation that is intended to develop with joy and infinitely, is regarded as "the soul" when the lifestream (spirit-spark as it develops) embodies.

    The process of reembodiment is such that the soul-field (the embodied soul-initiative) is like the patriarch Abraham who received counseling from Melchizedek (one who was existent without need of father and mother, who was Realized) prior to Abraham's soul's physical body conception per his father (Terah) and mother--the pre-embodied soul has received counseling, and, like Adam and Eve, if the soul maintains its Godly awareness, it is in the Cherubic line--much as Adam and Eve (symbols of humankind) were in the Garden prior to their disobedience.

    The God-obedient soul, as child, learns to be Childlike, in the manner of Jesus, who was a priest after the order of Melchizedek; kindly note the greatness of Yeshua, who stated that John Baptist was the greatest "among men born of woman," and who knew he was not of the Messiah's caliber.

    The child is greatly protected and comforted re its tendencies away from Oneness, by special angels called children's angels, who are with each child until the child's 12th birthday.

    Post-passing, the arc of the soul-field's awareness is such that its earthly or physical records, which are recorded in akasha (the ethereal), are used by holy angels and Saints to teach and guide the soul, as did John Baptist and others, into a loving-the-truth repentance.  When the lessons are learned, the soul either has enough Light to rise into its higher Self, or it simply, sadly, and regrettably passes away.  In either case, a new soul-field initiative--if the lifestream is to continue reembodying, rather than ascending as did e.g. Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus, the incoming new soul-initiative is again counseled, and "on the down" on Jacob's ladder of ascending and descending angels, the new soul encounters past tendencies toward which it has affinities, at one or another levels.

    There are seven levels through which the soul-initiative passes, from the Second heaven unto the physical, and these are collectively understood, as the Christian era and dispensation draws to a close, to have become totally unregenerate--i.e., no good is of them, regardless of some of the higher levels of the "astral," as it is called, being comparatively pleasant, albeit subject to luciferian and even demonic manipulation.

    Thus the sadness of the heavenly host for the incoming soul is purely more loving than that sadness humans give forth as one of their group passes on.  The earth is not the brightest "star" or planet, i.e. it has many difficult challenges, and inasmuch as human sowing as misqualifying Energy (i.e., away from divine Love, Truth, Mind, kindness, etc.) continues to be a major factor, few comparatively aware souls are even aware of specifics about prior embodiments.  Paramhansa Yogananda was one; Mother Meera, Who is presently embodied, is another ( ).

    If you are interested in some people's statements as to what they believe they've experienced,

    Bruce Leininger's book about his son, "Soul Survivor," is fairly evidential, given the type of evidence for such energies (i.e., those which are of the Kingdom within, of God, rather than the atom-based type of energies);

    Dr. Jim Tucker, a children's psychiatrist, has collected similarly evidential data, and wrote "Return to Life:  Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives;" two general references are "The Path of the Higher Self" and "Watch Your Dreams."

    It ought be self-evident that if one does not have even the moral wonder within and wonder of the starry heavens of an Immanuel Kant, that one is not likely to move from that level of "belief" into belief/experiencing of God, Energy, nor of soul-field, nor of levels such as Yogananda ("Autobiography of a Yogi") or Mother Meera ("Answers") offer.

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    What is the soul? Has anyone seen a soul, as in the form of a ghost or a spectre? Is soul tangible? Can is existence be empirically proved? The soul in the minds of some is merely a concept, and in the mind of some others, a hope, a way to seek excellence in our being. The soul might be our mind’s answer to our endless yearning for certainty, our insatiable need for truth. The might be the essence of our mind. But the soul, as we commonly believe, is the essence of our entire being, a projection of the divine in human physical form.

    If the soul is everlasting and divine, as it is beyond the constraints of space and time, then is soul not also without the need of a shape and size? It is not possible that all human beings bear a single soul, manifest in countless forms. If one person dies, then death is merely physical, as the soul lives on, as in the form of the still living. And if all would die, the soul would still live on as God. We see individual human beings and tend to believe each one of us has a separate soul.

    This could be true, as otherwise, who or what would stand for the consequence of us being alive? What will account for our sins and virtues so to speak? But the question is where does each individual soul originate? What is the ultimate origin or the essence of our every being?

    If the soul is everlasting, then death would not come to the soul but to the individual ego. If the soul will not die, then a soul being incarnated is out of the question. It is possible that we do not live with a soul but live for a soul, and our lives by default purposed to do so.

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    Yes, in a sense. Distinctive genes are passed down through generations in families (physical traits, personality traits) - I guess one could say genes are the physical component of souls, because they define a person and can also be carried down to future generations.

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    Not in the classic sense. I guess other people think of a soul as, basically, a mind that can exist independent of a body. I don't believe a mind can do that. I believe that a mind is generated by a body, and ceases to exist when the brain ceases to function. In the sense that a mind can influence other minds, and other aspects of reality, I believe that it can have unending effects on the world, including, in all likelihood, the minds of people that are born long after. How many people have tried to emulate some admired figure from the past?

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    With an ever increasing human population , then many would have to be born without souls ? .

    Actually -- I guess Trump might be soulless 

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