My Sony 55 inch LED TV is plugged into a wall outlet and my Sony LCD 55 inch TV is plugged into a Side Socket. Will this short out the TV?

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  • 8 months ago
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    No, it won't.

    Electrically, a short is an undesirable path that carries current where it should not.

    How you connect a TV to a power source has no potential to cause a short.

    And For Your Information, your "LED" TV and your "LCD" TV

    are probably both actually LCDs.

    An unfortunate bungle of terminology has plagued the TV market for a long time.

    The LCD is the screen (panel) that makes the image

    according to the signals it gets from the video processor.

    The screen needs to be illuminated from behind ("backlit").

    The backlight can be anything that will do the job.

    Originally, LCD TVs had fluorescent backlights ---

    several very thin fluorescent tubes running horizontally behind the screen.

    Then some were made with LEDs around the edge and had plastic pieces

    that allowed for relatively even light distribution,

    something LEDs alone are not very good at.

    This is where the trouble began --- manufacturers (and consumers)

    calling LED-backlit TVS "LED" rather than "LCD".

    Now, most or all LCD TVs have an array of LEDs

    laid out similarly to the way the fluorescent tubes in the older ones were,

    but with a plastic lens on each LED to spread the light sideways.

    The only true LED TVs have OLED --- organic LED --- screens

    that emit light directly rather than being backlit.

    The newest LCD upgrade is called, confusingly and misleadingly,

    QLED --- "quantum" LED --- but that doesn't describe how it actually works.

    It is still a backlit LCD screen.

    However, it Does look a lot better than conventional LCD screens.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I held all the buttons and once for 3 seconds and even tried to clean it with a piece of card board. Nothing works.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    you named two different TVs so its impossible to tell which one is "the" TV. either way just try it and find out

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