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What headphones do I use to reduce hearing loss? ?

I am straight up worried about hearing loss. Im 17 and use earphones 24/7 on my ps4 and for music and I don't want to have hearing problems at 40 and don't say just don't wear earphones or headphones that's not helpful. I've heard noise canceling headphones not earphones headphones are the way to go, and noise canceling works with the PS4 right? It isn't a setting thing? Also what brand and or what exact headphone is good? Are there any specific headphones made to prevent hearing loss if so what? I want it. I'd say my price range is from $120.00 MAX CDN and I wouldn't want anything cheaper then $40.00 CDN because I've heard cheaper is less SAFE. So what headphones are the safest to get? It would be best if it's on Amazon. 

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    Just go with over-ear headphones from well known popular brands:

    - Panasonic

    - Sony

    - Bose

    - Sennheiser (good, but wire seemed a bit delicate on my last pair)

    - Philips

    Check out the reviews in hi-fi magazines

    Avoid the in-ear things as they impact earwax (and get coated in the stuff over time), and eventually result in a lovely ear infection that makes the inside of the ear swell up where they sit, and hurt like a *****.

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    3 weeks ago

    Not wearing earphones or headphones is the only answer, despite it not being what you want to hear! Basically, just grow up and stop behaving like a baby!

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    Its the volume level that causes hearing loss, not the type of device.

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    Just turn down the volume. Hearing loss is the result of excessive sound levels. It does not matter which headphones you use, just make sure the sound produced is not too loud. Noise canceling headphones are good because you do not have to turn up the volume to drown out the ambient noise, but they can be quite expensive. I use a pair of regular ear buds that cost less than $10 and they sound great. I just adjust the volume if the sounds coming out of them are too loud. Different headphones have different sensitivities, which means some sound louder than others because they are more efficient. Just adjust the volume on your music player to compensate.

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    The headphones you use don't matter.

    What matters is how loud, or not, the sound coming from them is.

    Keeping the volume low is the only way to prevent hearing damage.

    Ask your audiologist to demonstrate what the highest safe volume sounds like.

    You may be disappointed that it doesn't seem too loud,

    but too loud is exactly what you need to avoid.

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    So try looking on prices.

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      You should really look it up yourself, it is you who's buying it anyway.

  • Rick B
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    4 weeks ago

    Then quit wearing earphones so much. DUH!!!!

    How is that not helpful???? IF you were afraid of lung cancer, I would not advise you on what type of cigarette to smoke; I would tell you to quit smoking.

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    Turn down the volume. Research says that anything above 80 (some say 100) decibels will cause hearing loss so don’t turn the volume up to where it produces noises above 80 dB.

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      If you can't hear on 22/26 then you've made yourself deaf with too much volume already!

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