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What is vertigo?

Doesn’t happen often, but recently I’ve been having more “vertigo moments”. I’ll lay down to sleep and I’ll feel like the room is spinning up/down and/or if I’m sitting I’ll feel like there pressure on the top of my head that’s pushing me down into my chair...

Is this vertigo? Lol I’ve been having daily headaches (pretty light, more like a nuisance) for about 2 weeks now. Sometimes the headaches leave me feeling nauseous or dizzy. But mainly they’re just a nuisance. 

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  • Tavy
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    3 weeks ago

    Vertigo is usually caused by inflammation in the inner ear, I get it.

    See your Doctor.

  • Angel
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    3 weeks ago

    The big difference between vertigo and just distress is vertigo is more severe, instead of the room spinning, everything seems to spin on different axis, the room may twirl one way while you feel off balance in another, sometimes you cannot tell up from down, nausea, vomiting, double vision, other symptoms including passing out are possible. Google vertigo symptoms and read up on them.

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