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If I am the non custodial parent and I have a room for my child, does that help with lowering my child support?

My Ex has filed a child support case and based on my income I have to pay her, but she has not submitted current pay stubs she used old stubs that have a lower amount from a previous job and a amount is set for child support but not final can my rent cost be factored that I provide a room for my child when calculating child support?


We have 50/50

Update 2:

But because of her lower income compared to mine I have to pay support.

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    You're supposed to have a room for your child in order to get even visitation with him/her and that's irrelevant to the child support situation. If your ex is committing fraud by providing outdated pay stubs that's something you'd bring up with the judge.

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    Every country is different.  In the US every state is different.  We have a system where money from both parents is pooled according to a formula and used in trust for the child.  Unless a parent has the child for more than 100 days in a year the amounts are not varied.  This would mean whatever you choose to spend is not relevant.  I don't know where you live and hence what rules apply to you.

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    No having a room for your noncustodial child does not factor into the Support Amount. It should be a given that, if you have some form of visitation, you also have appropriate accommodation for your child.

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    The judge or mediator is not stupid. They will ask to see current dated pay stubs from both of you.

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