Advice on a family members ongoing divorce?

Person A has 2 kids, a daughter who just turned 2 and a son who’s 3 months. The person their married to is trying to pull a “he’s so abusive towards me and my kids” which is not true. Now I know what you might be thinking “how do you know he's not” well because this is Person Bs second marriage and she’s done it before only she’s got kids this time around. Person A as much as he never wanted kids in the past he doesn’t want to lose his kids he knows very well he can’t get full custody because he doesn’t work full time and what not but she’s trying to push it to where he can’t ever see them again. Her parents are just as crazy, they’ve been beating Person A’s dog since he was thrown out of the house & 2 weeks ago the dog passed due to a bleeding in the brain. His daughter is only ever looked after by a nanny 24 hours a day and is only once a day looked after by the mother. We live 3 hours away so it’s not like we can check things out every now and then. The point is as much as he won’t say it we know he doesn’t want to lose his kids. In the state of AZ it isn’t illegal to record someone via voice so that’s what he’s been doing every time they speak over the phone but it won’t be enough. Is it too late for him to drive that far up there & take his kids? There’s no actual physical proof that he’s been beating her, and the most we have is texts from Person B stating that Person A needs to come pack up his things and leave, we’ve also got voice recording but nothing legitimate.


this has been going on for 7 months now. Also I meant that the mother looks after the daughter 1 day out of the whole week. 

Update 2:

Guess I should clarify this is regarding a family member of mine and I’ve had to shorten a much much longer text of this. 

Update 3:

also should probably add in that this is only a quarter of the original text. 

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    This is hard to follow but claims of abuse are irrelevant unless backed up with proof like police reports, medical records, a psychologist's reports, etc. Why someone isn't already being prosecuted for animal abuse is curious. But clearly these are two people of questionable judgment who've sadly brought a child into their dysfunction. All they can really do now is get lawyers and go to court to fight this out.

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  • .
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    8 months ago

    If there's abuse taking place against a child it needs to be reported ASAP. You need to use someone else's phone where the call can't be recorded. I have no clue how many children are in the home, but get in contact with family services NOW.

    Wishing you the best.

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  • 8 months ago

    If the man cannot stand up in divorce, he will be divorced raped by his Ex and family court. 

    He needs to find the best female attorney who specializes in family law, and should practically live in the family courts, knows the judges and knows probabilities under each scenario. 

    A very nasty, ready to fight female can get sympathy from judges and juries. I have seen it play out too many times. 

    The man needs to figure out where he wants to be and if wants the kids, he better be fighting for all he can get. Don’t play fair because she won’t.

    Also she might pull a silver bullet divorce to claim he is sexually abusing the kids. In many cases of the man doesn’t fight, or have a good attorney to stop the damage that will cause. He can have his whole life ruined and after these guys get to the other side of this mess and not uncommon for guys who do get divorced raped and lose their kids take their own life a time after the legal time fades and he sits sad and broken thinking there is no more. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    So you ignored the situation while a dog was being beaten to death?  Interesting.

    I am well aware of the law in AZ.  I have no idea what "up there" in "drive up there" means.

    If a child were being mistreated, I'd drive the 3 hours.

    • iamkwyio8 months agoReport

      I didn’t say the child was being mistreated, both children are fine but then again that’s only from our perspective when they cost. The 4 hour drive is not something we can just do also this is a much shorter text the dog we didn’t know about until it died. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Not sure why you are sticking your nose in. This isn't your issue and if the father of the kids can't figure it out, then i guess he's too emotionally childish to even have the kids

    Meanwhile, why hasn't someone reported this mother to children's services if she's so awful?

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