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If New Jersey is such a big blue state, how come a Republican like Chris Christie could be elected Governor twice?

Especially since the state has had Democrat senators since the 70s and 80s.  Yet Christie became Governor twice?

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    I'm from New Jersey.  The first time Christie was elected was because of the dissatisfaction with the Democratic governor Jon Corzine.  The second time I have no clue and can only guess it was the power of incumbency because at that point everyone in the state hated him

    • Nick
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      He stomped on Buono though so he couldn’t have been that hated but I get your point.

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    Governors races are often a bit odd.  Massachusetts also has a Republican Governor.  In that case, Republicans have continued to hold the Governorship in Massachusetts in part by arguing that they prevent one party rule.  Since these Republicans are very liberal (current Mass Gov Charlie Baker publicly said he did not vote for Trump in 2016) , some people find that idea appealing. 

    Chris Christie was also a very liberal Republican.  He publicly and effusively praised Obama after Superstorm Sandy devastated the state, and he took liberal positions on a number of issues.  He worked closely and constructively with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat.  He also worked hard to cultivate support from Democratic politicians within the state.  In fact the scandal which eventually ruined him, where he shut down several lanes going on to the George Washington Bridge, was a bit of revenge against a Democrat who had refused to endorse him for reelection. 

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    The same way a Democrat was elected in LA

  • Look at the table on this page.  Notice how for the past 20 years, nearly every election has resulted in a Democrat majority or a Democrat winning?  It's not hard to suss out or anything.  That's why you don't pick a single case and try to claim that it represents the entire system.

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  • Chris Christie ate his way into office. He threatened to eat the state into bankruptcy if they didn't elect him.

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    I dunno... they like him? The reverse of Kentucky?

    It's Jersey... who knows what they do. lol

  • Anonymous
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    Luck maybe........

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