My boss told me I’m bad at my job?

I’m the manager of a counter and have been for 6 months, but on my probation review she told me I’m bad at my job, I’m not a good manager, and she’s not seeing improvements. But I feel like she just simply doesn’t like me.

One of my team asked for a rota change 10 minutes before she arrived due to a hospital appointment so I agreed and changed it, then when she saw it she told me I’m ‘always behind on keeping her up to date with paperwork and this proves it’ despite me telling her it was changed ten minutes previously so I couldn’t possibly have shown her.

She’s only met me twice as head office is two hours away and when she does come in, it’s when I’m not in until a few hours later, I’ll always offer to come in earlier and she will say no due to cover, but by the time I arrive she’s gone through everything with the team and it leaves me behind on information. 

The brand is up +17% since I started, and has many improvements. There’s nothing but compliments from everybody. But she didn’t say one positive thing and said I need a new personality. She’s ignored 80% of my emails and calls to her since I’ve started, and anything she said against me it’s due to her negligence.

I don’t understand and I’m left upset because it’s like she was finding an excuse to dislike me and failed and extended my probation despite the improvements with the company since I started. I just feel like finding somewhere new that appreciates my work, am I right to want to leave? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes it hurts when people do not appreciate your work. It has happened to everyone. Move on and start looking for new job, no drama needed. I believe a person skilled as you can easily get new job.

    On my current job I often been told that "some of my tasks" took so long to complete by the managers of the companies we work with (I am a software specialist). But my boss always stands with me and is always by my side when these matters come into question. That is how boss should look like. Boss who doesn't appreciate his employees shouldn't be called boss at all.

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  • 8 months ago

    Of course, you should feel free to find employment elsewhere and give a two-week notice when you do.  There are several issues in your post that you might want to think about -- not knowing the details or what you had to leave out:

    1. It is always important to ask for specifics when you are given a negative assessment.  What, exactly, is wrong?  What the the procedures that haven't been followed?  What attributes are used to determine what makes a good manager and how have you failed to exhibit those attributes?  This is a skill you need to develop because that is the only way you are going to learn and or be able to prove your boss is full of it.

    2. Why are you sending emails and making calls?  Are they're are lot of them?  

    3.  Any time you feel you are being treated unfairly, you have the right to escalate the situation to the HR department and your boss' boss.  You may just want to move on, which is fine, but you may also want to ask for a meeting with the HR rep and your boss to go over "evidence" since you may not have gotten the details when you had your review.  The reason is may be important is that you may well need a reference from this company.

    Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Feel free to move on.  But your new boss won't want to hear your drama either.


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