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Why door to door ban only new contracts?

I heard bill 59 was implemented on March 2018 which ban door to door sales in Ontario as result of complaint of fraudulent transactions. Bill 193 was introduced in May 2016 which ban door to door contracts but the bill did not go forward for some reason. So the ban  is to stop company from knocking people door or to help people get out of fraudulent contracts?

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    It's because people were being offered contracts and signing on without the opportunity to read all the fine print and have all the information. It can be used to get out of contracts that were signed under these conditions.

    Many companies that still go door to door (such as Bell in my neighbourhood) now ask that YOU ask them to come back at a prearranged appointment time so that you invited them in and it wasn't 'solicited'. It's a bit of a loop hole in the system but they take advantage of it.

    Many companies now make you sign a contract amendment that states that you asked for their service and they didn't solicit door to door for the work to protect them from this bill.

    They can still technically knock on your door but any contract you sign then and there could be voided under the bill.

    Any contracts signed before the bill came into law are unfortunately not covered.

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    • Mohammed8 months agoReport

      That is why many Canadians are still locked in these contracts. I am wondering why contracts signed before the bill are not covered ?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes, that's exactly what it's for.

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