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Is he losing interest?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months. I feel like he's losing interest. We were texting today, and we were talking about school and what classes we're taking during winter. He said, "I will be very very busy. Calculus is not an easy subject." Winter semester is only one month, so any math or science course is harder during that time since it's fast paced. I just feel like he's losing interest. Is he trying to get out of seeing me?

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    School is stressful and time consuming. I don't know how you young people have time to date, I bought a dildo and used that during tough times. Respect his time and give him space or break up. But I'd focus on school if I were you. You'll have plenty time for romance and intimacy in college.

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    Yes he is losing interest. He wants sex

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    i can not possibly say.

  • Helen
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    It's possible. You need to ask him. Avoiding the issue will not change the fact if he is losing interest.

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