Emachine 5260?

The Other day I set up an old Emachine 5260 TOW on Windows XP Home. It was all working fine and I was about to go on a dog walk. I didn’t shut it down and instead turned it off straight from the socket. I got back and flipped the socket on and it was instantly on and made a really load whirring sound that would not go away. The keyboard or mouse wouldn’t light up and the monitor said no signal. I also noticed that where there would be a little light on the back of the computer where the internet cable would be plugged in and there wasn’t. Nothing in that section would work. I didn’t touch it before I got back and it was working fine earlier. Any answers?


*loud whirring sound*

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  • 9 months ago

    " I didn’t shut it down and instead turned it off straight from the socket." is what started your problem.

    When you can see that much dust in your photo, you've got another problem - poor cooling and connections for you keyboard and mouse. Looks like it hasn't been cleaned out since it was first purchased! I can't imagine what the heatsink and fan look like.

    Take the side off the computer and clean out the dust!

  • 9 months ago

    Yanking power plug from socket crashed the power supply.  A collapse of the magnetic field in the transformer sent a spike through the 12V and 5V DC circuits that will toast any old style digital chips.  System is now a boat anchor.

    Now you know why makers and others always told to properly shut down a computer system by using the operating system turn off.  That properly told the power supply to cease sending power to the motherboard and drop the line voltage that fed it and everything else.  Then you flick the back switch on power supply or pull the power plug from wall socket.

    Remember how people would complain how a lightning strike or city power failure would damage their computer?  Now you know another way to do that.

    Source(s): My old Emachines 366c desktop box from 2000 has similar equipment inside. I am careful with it, since I want it to last.
  • keerok
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    9 months ago

    That loud whirring sound may be a broken fan and it may have been broken the first time you turned the computer on so I'm guessing the motherboard may already be fried.

  • 9 months ago

    The loud whirring sound is likely a fan in the system that's possibly running at full speed. The fan port in that system looks dirty so maybe it's time to clean the system with a can of spray-air. Old systems like that sometimes used passive cooling for the CPU so the only moving parts in that system are the exhaust fan and Hard Drive.

    I would suggest unplugging the system from the outlet, then discharge the power in the PSU by pressing the power button. Then try to power the system on. If that doesn't work then try clearing the CMOS/BIOS. 

    The last couple of times I had a system run the exhaust fans at full speed like that, the motherboard died. If the fan is on a 4-pin PWM plug then the motherboard is controlling the fan speeds. 

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