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TMI- Pinkish Brown Discharge Instead of Period?

(I already have an appointment made to see my doctor but was looking for some other opinions as well)

To make it short- I had unprotected sex multiple times over the four days before my “predicted day of ovulation” (going by a calendar).

It’s been three weeks since then.

Lately, on top of being incredibly fatigued, dizzy and lightheaded, and incredibly emotional, my period (which was due to start on Nov 15th) has not started yet. Instead its been nothing but light cramping until today (17th) When I noticed I have very, very small amounts of a sticky, translucent, pinkish brown discharge. 

I took two pregnancy tests and I could make out a very faint line on one of the tests but the other (a digital) said negative.

My cycle has been pretty consistent since I was a teenager, I’ve actually been able to plan things around it because Of how regular it is.

I’ve googled my symptoms every way possible and the results are pretty much 50/50; either pregnant or just light and late period...Which obviously isn’t very helpful.I AM actively trying to conceive so my nerves are pretty on end.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    4 weeks ago

    < I had unprotected sex multiple times over the four days before my “predicted day of ovulation”  >

    Yes, you could be pregnant.  Rest of babbling list of imaginary symptoms is irregardless.

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