is there a communisrt party in Usa and in Japan?

I know that kids love Bernie Sanders that is a democratic socialist (revisionism) while in Japan is loved by some youth japanese and is the only communist party on the world that after berlin wall collapse did not know crisis. sorry for my english I used translate and don't worry I am not a communist

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  • 8 months ago
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    a)  Yes, there are Communist Parties in both the US and in Japan.

    b)  Bernie Sanders may call himself a socialist (or even a Democratic Socialist) but he is certainly not. He is a member of the Democrat Party which is a right wing political party supportive of capitalism and big business. Yes, he is on the left of the party and that makes him politically center right.

    c)  American politics is skewed several degrees to the right of NORMAL international political standards.

    d)  There is no such thing as "Democratic Socialism". There is only socialism which, by its correct definition, is democratic in its mid to latter stages of transition. What many people call countries as being "Democratic Socialist" are actually capitalist countries with capitalist economies but have some (a few) social reformist policies, even those with right wing governments (Britain, Germany, Australia etc).

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