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Is the reason china hates religion, is because all those religious wars during the 1800s?

Here a list

(Christian war) Taiping Rebellion 1850, 30 million deaths.

(Muslim) panthay Rebellion 1857, 1 million deaths.

(Muslim) Dungan Revolt 1862, 8-20 million deaths.

(Muslim) 2nd Dungan Revolt 1895, 100 thousand deaths.

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    Yes. Not that their treatment of religious people is justified (I say that as an atheist), but when you know they had an insane Jesus Freak declare himself Emperor/God and cause ~20-50 million DEATHS, well... This was while they were colonized by British Christians and the Opium wars. Christianity was an instrument of colonization and subjugation in China.

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    It's not really fair to blame Christianity for the Taiping Rebellion because the guy who started it was a complete nut. Jesus did not and does not have a Chinese brother. The rebellion was caused by the poor in China wanting their lives to be better it probably would have happened even without any of them being Christian. 

    China hates religion because they are communist and communists are atheists. 

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    No. It's because the Chinese government is officially, Communist and Communists are officially, atheists.

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    That's it? Im shocked.

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      This wasn't religious wars worldwide. These 4 listed here happened inside if China

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    Taiping Rebellion could of killed possibly as high as 100 million deaths.

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    The current Chinese government is against religion because it is a communist regime.

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