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Can you get HIV/AIDS from a child?

I volunteer in a day care at a church, and one of the kids was chewing on a play bottom and then rammed it into my mouth. It didn’t touch my touch but it did bump into my teeth and I felt the wetness from the bottle on my lips. The parents look really dirty and it’s obvious they use drugs. IF the parents had some sort of disease, wouldn’t the child have it and wouldn’t I now be at risk since I had his saliva in/near my mouth??

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  • justin
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    9 months ago

    i hear the only std u cna get from mouth is regular herpes which 90% of ppl have

  • Tulip
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Are you really that dumb??

  • 9 months ago

    I assume you're talking about potential STD's since this is what many people think. First, there is no way for you to know if the parents are sick without asking, and if they are, there's no guarantee that the child is sick. Second, it is near impossible to get any STD (like HIV/AIDS) from saliva. Almost all require blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or sometimes urine to be introduced into your bloodstream through an open cut or something similar. If you're worried about something like a flu or cold sores, it is possible to get that from contact with another person's saliva, but unlikely with the amount of contact that you had. Keep in mind that if you're going to work with kids, you're likely to get mildly sick at some point. I love them, but they're little germ monsters!

  • Cammie
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    9 months ago

    How is it obvious they use drugs ? And make it to church on time ?

    You would have to mix blood to blood without oxygen.That didn't happen.

    Perhaps a bit of empathy would help you.

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