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Can a different teacher proofread my essay?

I'm in high school and I'm working on an essay about Lord of the Flies. My teacher and some of my classmates are busy so they can't proofread it for me. Is it okay if I email an elementary school teacher who I'm close with so they can proofread it?

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    To me it's okay and if I were the teacher it would be okay. But your elementary school teacher could also be busy. It's best to have someone as your backup so that if this happens again you can go to them.

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    It is okay to do that

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    As long as your elementary school teacher is not busy and does not mind, it is totally okay. You can get your work proofread by anyone really.

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    Totally, but you have to understand that they are a teacher too, and they must be busy with all the other assignments they are grading for their own students. I bet they would love to, but I don't think they will be available to proofread your essay. If they are unavailable, (you can always ask) then ask a close friend, random librarian, parents or someone you know that you think isn't busy so they can read your essay. You can also post it online (ahem on YA!) since online people have all the time in the world and can definitely help you out. 

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    Can they? Of course. Will they? That's a different question. Teachers have their own students' work to correct and grade. Anyone who proof reads your work should explain to you the errors they correct so that you can learn from it. 

  • 1 year ago

    You can and may ask anyone you want yo proofread your essay.  I wouldn't email a teacher you had 5+ years ago out of the blue on a Sunday with such a request, but if you see this teacher in person regularly and they've generally offered to assist you, it would be okay.

    You might ask your parents as well.  

  • 1 year ago

    I can't see anything wrong with your plan. Make sure that the teacher whom you wish to proofread your essay is willing to do that before you send it.

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