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Did Lt. Clint Lorance deserve a pardon?

His own soldiers testified against him. In their accounts they did not feel that their lives were in danger during the incident. They believed that he greatly overreacted out of inexperience and a desire to impress them. They said that Lorance spoke immediately of wanting to "spin" the event in order to justify his orders to shoot.


Furthermore, in the recent documentary, Leavenworth, Lorance actually said that he joined the Army in the first place in hopes of being killed in action. This was in reaction to his anguish over being homosexual.

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    Deserve?    No, he did not. 

    He was a rookie, green Lt.   2 *days* in the field, when he opened fire  and killed 2 civilians who his  own platoon mates  testified  posed NO threat. 

    It was flat out senseless MURDER , by someone looking to score his first "combat kill"-   Except it wasn't combat,  he opened up on two unarmed riders on a motorcycle, .....then tried to get others to LIE about what happened. 

    What's important here,  is that the crime was originally reported by his ***OWN*** Platoon. ---who all knew  right from wrong.......and his actions were clearly wrong.

    The matter was reviewed , and he was found GUILTY . 

    Higher ups reviewed the Guilty verdict , and they concluded it was the RIGHT one. 

    His actions were not in question.......the crime  he committed was not in question. 

    The issue was........Trump believes no soldier, sent to war to kill,  should be punished, for killing.  No matter how senseless or unfair , or cold blooded the killing is. 

    Military commanders are on record as being AGHAST that their authority and judgement in the matter was essentially thrown out the window, and Trump granted him a full pardon,  so he could wrap HIMSELF in  the flag, and play like he's doing something  GREAT for the Troops........... like how DARE anyone convict and Jail a SOLDIER........even if they commit crimes and disgrace the uniform. 

    It only sent the message that the UCMJ  doesn't  *MATTER*.......and crimes are  A-OKAY  on the battlefield. 

    HE ALSO pardoned two other highly controversial cases......for the same reasons and logic......(or lack thereof)........that US troops can do no  wrong, since we send them to war to KILL.   So how or why they kill........clearly does not bother Cadet Spanky Bone Spurs.........and the US soliders..........wave the flag when you say that!!!....... can apparently do no wrong. 

    and any sane person knows......that's completely moronic. 

    the UCMJ exists for a reason........and Trump chose to piss all over it, in some misplaced,  faux  idea of  "patriotism". 

    The guy was sentenced to 20 years in Leavenworth for MURDER. 

    Trump pardoned him, and let him out.  What messages does that now send to troops' 

    Yeah, it's okay.......Murder anyone you want, for any reason and it's fine. ? 

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    The Commander-In-Chief gave him a pardon -- that's the end of the story.

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes he did. Unlike the hero(v) that has claimed to have "won medals for standing watch during wartime". Actual combat personal know that combat is a hectic whirlwind of activity. Accidents happen. Trump did the right thing, period.

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  • Brian
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    8 months ago

    Well, that's good enough for donnie.

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