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How would you rank these current female wrestlers in WWE, from least talented to most?

Or, you can rate them on a scale 0 to 10 based on their skill level, if you prefer to do it THAT way. 

Io Shirai

Kairi Sane

Sasha Banks


Billie Kay

Peyton Royce

Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair

Shayna Baszler

Dakota Kai


Kay Lee Ray

Candice Lerae

Deonna Purrazzo

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    1 - Asuka - Asuka is a tremendous performer and I definitely think she is the best wrestler in the women's division. She makes her matches very believable or at least tries to. She is an exceptional worker that is very comfortable in the ring.

    Asuka's also someone you can work with easily. She connects her attacks cleanly and safely. She is one of the safest workers in the women's division and if she has a big match with someone who she has great chemistry with, you can expect a ****1/2 match or even a ***** match.

    2 - IO Shirai - Kairi Sane and IO Shirai are in the same league and comparing them can be kind of confusing. They are both excellent wrestlers who can turn a match into a masterpiece. It's like comparing a rat to a mouse.

    Um.......I'll.....say......IO Shirai. It's just that match with Candice LeRae at NXT Takeover:Toronto which is a highly spectacular match. If that match didn't happen then I'd say they would be pretty much equal.

    IO Shirai is marginally better than most wrestlers in the company including the men. Her moonsault finisher looks beautiful and she has even combined a moonsault with a diving double foot stomp which can be described as extraordinary. She's also added a highly powerful submission finisher to her moveset.

    It should be a crime to waste a talent like IO Shirai because I think she'd make a great main eventer based on her wrestling and how great she is at carrying matches with her opponents.

    3 - Kairi Sane - Coming in at number 3 is Kairi Sane and that's barely. Kairi Sane is another talent that WWE shouldn't waste at all.

    Sane is athletic and has a great moveset. Her finisher, The Insane Elbow, is one of the best aerial finishers in the whole company. It looks great and is different from the rest of the diving elbows.

    There is also The Anchor which is definitely a modified version of the Boston Crab where she stands up more and applies great pressure.

    The Sliding D is a good signature move and I like how she walks before hitting that nice forearm strike. Tells you about that "pirate" style. Speaking of pirates, IO Shirai could be the marine if they had a match with each other.

    4 - Charlotte Flair - Interesting enough, Charlotte started in WWE rather than in the Indies and she is already one of the best wrestlers in the women's division. She was trained in WWE but she really honed her skills.

    I placed her higher than Lynch because Charlotte has a lot more than Becky. Although they are easily comparable to each other in terms of skills, Charlotte is more athletic and agile. She can perform a moonsault both inside and out of the ring as well as from a barricade. She's also got the strength advantage as she has a strong spear attack she can use. In terms of submissions, Becky has the more powerful submission finisher but Charlotte's submission finisher is clearly the more effective finisher as it is the what she used to end Asuka's undefeated streak and also make Trish Stratus tap out.

    She may have been booked a bit too much and had so many accomplishments such as those title reigns but there is no denying that she has talent abundance.

    When it comes to mic skills, Charlotte is great at it particularly when she is a heel rather than a face. Charlotte can gain a lot of heat just by what she says and is one of the best talkers in the division.

    5 - Becky Lynch - Lynch has been a fantastic champion and her wrestling skills are high. Becky is certainly more technical than Charlotte and has a safer style to her.

    The Bexploder is a pretty cool signature move and her finisher is one of the most powerful submission based finishers in WWE.

    Now when it comes to mic skills, Becky can talk. She can fire up the crowd and she might just be better at talking on the mic than Charlotte.

    Becky and Charlotte have amazing chemistry. Their best match is ****3/4 which is really really close to a five star match. There's also that match with Sasha Banks which is like ****1/4. Very spectacular match indeed.

    6 - Sasha Banks - Sasha is sassy and her wrestling skills are no joke. She has potential to be the wrestler in the women's division and she has improved more than before. Before she improved, she has made plenty of silly mistakes in the ring and if you want an example then see her match with Asuka at Raw where she performed a suicide dive and watch how she landed.

    The Top Rope Double Knee is a great move that Sasha can use as a secondary finisher.

    7 - Dakota Kai - I'll say Dakota Kai is better than the current version of Bayley. If it's Bayley at her peak (as in from NXT) then it's extremely close.

    Dakota Kai is a better wrestler than Bayley and she uses a Diving Double Foot Stomp as a finisher which is better than Bayley-To-Belly Suplex.

    8 - Bayley - Bayley fell down from being among the best in the company and it's disappointing that she failed to work a decent match with Ember Moon and even Charlotte Flair(I know Bayley and Charlotte have worked a good match together but there was that match at a PPV that didn't live up to the expectations).

    I still think she's got great talent and perhaps it may be due to how WWE booked her. Bayley is now a heel and she can improve from this. Perhaps a brutal style can make her matches more interesting. She definitely needs to do well at Survivor Series if she's serious about showing that she's improved.

    9 - Candice LeRae - LeRae has wrestled a lot in the Indies so she's got loads of experience. Now in NXT, LeRae worked a extraordinary match with IO Shirai. That shows that LeRae can keep up with the best that WWE has to offer.

    LeRae is a great seller and she's wrestled some guys even Johnny Gargano. If Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae could wrestle a big match, it could be a five star match but matches like that don't normally happen in WWE.

    10 - Bianca Belair - She's confident, she's strong and she's got an impressive 450 Splash. Bianca can be compared to Rhea Ripley and I think they would have a good match if they wrestle.

    Bianca is certainly talented and can potentially be a main eventer.

    11 - Kay Lee Ray - She's really talented but her match with Toni Storm at NXT Takeover: Cardiff definitely wasn't good. The match was mediocre.

    I'll put her here but if she has a great showing of wrestling then I might put her higher than this.

    12 - Shayna Baszler - When it comes to MMA, she is superior to everyone in the women's division except Ronda Rousey. It's also smart that she incorporated her MMA style into her wrestling.

    Now when it comes to wrestling, she is good but not great. She's definitely one of the best submission experts and she has a unique signature which makes use of a gutwrench suplex.

    13 - Deonna Purrazzo - She's decent but she needs more showings.

    14 - Peyton Royce - Royce and Billie Kay are almost equal but Royce does have a interesting finisher.

    15 - Billie Kay - Her Big Boots are okay but she hasn't done all that much to show how good she is in the main roster in really serious matches.

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      wrestling that long, and is already a superior wrestler. She isn't a master at one thing, but well rounded. Becky is really technical, but isn't the athlete that charlotte is. Becky seemed to have worked hard to improved her mic skills, and became one of the best all around. 

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    8 months ago

    I just look at how attractive they are usually 

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