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Bleading old radiators??

So I live an an old apt building I went to bleed my radiators and air came out for a minute but stopped no water came out the valve all open but can't be turned from the old paint what should I do?

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    Keep at it - perhaps the system is not running hot enough to develope pressure, but will in colder weather.  We have a couple radiators on our upper floor (where all the air goes) that can only be bled when the boiler is going full blast.

    In the meantime - have a chat with your Super/Building Manager.  Always a possibility that there is a system-wide defect such as main water feed not open or expansion tank is waterlogged and needs to be drained (common for air to migrate from the expansion tank to the highest radiators when the system is off in summer).

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  • Lee
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    8 months ago

    Second part of your question makes no sense not sure what paint has to do with the one you’re already opening. But basically, if you’ve had a large pressurised air trap in the radiator system you have relieved the pressure but there is insufficient volume of liquid to back fill the radiator, water would only come out on a closed system if there are other air traps, since liquid is incompressible it would need either gravity or air pressure or mains water pressure behind it. If you run a combi boiler there will be a dial gauge and 1 or usually 2 half turn valve to re-fill the system. The dial gauge will usually show you where the pressure should be, but this might be running pressure, so don’t overdo it at first. Once you have bled that one radiator, check the others then let them run for a few hours and repeat. Note. A combi boiler wont run without sufficient system pressure, so if the thermostat is radiators on but not working, add water until you hear if fire up.

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