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What worked for you to get pregnant ?

What worked for you ? Me and husband have been trying to conceive for 2 years a half now and we have no luck . We even took a break for a year so we don’t have to worry about it . Me and him have done so many tests and everything is looking normal . I am ovulating and he his sperm and health is great . We have been using preseed, vitamins and so many things to help but just no luck . We are also still young , he already has has children . Everything looks ok then why can’t I get pregnant ??? I feel like everyone is getting pregnant left and right on their first try . Am I just not meant to be a mother ? 

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    failure to conceive for over a year after finding everything with male and female normal is referred to as unexplained infertility. there are certain things that could help promote and boost conception. The most you can extract to speed up your fertility is from herbs. I suggest taking a look at "get pregnant fertility tea" and "prenatal vitamins" by you can get insight by visiting the site.

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    Try ovulation predictor kits. In the afternoon or morning pee on these sticks and it gives you advance notice of when you ovulate. When it is positive, the egg will be released in 12-36 hours.

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    Have you had a n HSG? A post coital? An exploratory lap? IIRC, (it's been many years since I've done this) there are genetic tests that can look for certain types of problems with sperm and egg meeting effectively.

    If you've been trying for over 2 years, there is almost certainly SOMETHING wrong. And a "relaxing vacation" won't cure it.

    (And no"everyone" isn't getting pregnant first try.)

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    Maybe you're already doing this, but just in case: after almost 2 years of trying I started charting basal body temperature. I got pregnant the second or third cycle I was charting.

    Now I am by no means saying this is some magical fertility cure. It's not. But charting can help you gain more insight into your cycle. I learned that I can ovulate two days after a positive ovulation test instead of one, and that my luteal phase (time between ovulation and next period) is 12 days instead of 14. So in the time I had been trying to pinpoint ovulation in other ways, my timing had been slightly off. 

    You don't mention exactly which kind of doctors you've been seeing, but if at some point you decide to see other specialists for fertility treatment, they are likely to want you to chart a few cycles. If you start now, you can get a head start. 

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    Could be you're trying too hard--stress can definitely interfere with fertility.  The year off might have worked if you were not under other pressures such as at work or with family.

    My husband and I went through the whole testing process and even took hormones to help, but it still took several months to finally get pregnant.  And here's the surprise--two years later I got pregnant again without even trying!

    Fertility is a roll of the dice.  My suggestion is to book a relaxing vacation for a weekend away from all the daily stresses.  If you drink, allow yourself an extra glass or two.  Play relaxing music and get lots of alone time.  The stork is waiting just around the corner!

  • Tulip
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    10 months ago

    How on earth would we know? And pressed and vitamins are useless

  • Blonde
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    10 months ago will not get pregnant unless God wills it. So pray for a baby. My advice.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Sorry you believed no intercourse for a year would make you pregnant. That is contrary to how this works.

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