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 will hanging white dress shirts on the clothes line in direct sunlight help dry them out and remove the smell ?

I am a security guard, my company in its infinite wisdom provides me with two white dress shirts.  I'm not going to spend a ton of money that I don't have to continue wash two dress shirts.  I will rotate between two shirts and wash them every other week.  I have the option to purchase other dress shirts but they're $40 a piece.  If I was a part-time worker I can maybe understand. I work 5 sometime 6 days a week. Yet they want to provide two work shirts ridiculous. I will take some Febreze, hang one shirt in direct sunlight and hope between the sunlight and wind it helps. 

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    The oils in a shirt will not be cleaned by Febreze.  If you have the space to hang the shirts in the sunlight, you can easily wash one in the sink, and put it up to dry while you wear the other one.  Yes, it means washing a shirt every day, but you do want to look and smell your best.  

    When I had to do this, I hung the shirt over the heater vent.  Even the a/c in the summer would help dry the shirt.  

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    Wearing a work shirt 8 hour per day for five days is too much. If you have to pay to do laundry, and don’t want to spend the money on a load for one shirt, wash it in the sink.  Or in the shower. Use a little soap on the collar, cuffs and underarms, rinse and hang to dry. 

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