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Paying off credit card debt?

Appreciate any proper advice if from experiences had , methods to take:

Currently made some bad decisons over the past 3 years, online gambling , over spending going out etc

Currently owe 15,000 on the credit card. 

Per fortnight , currently make 1760 , however 520 goes straight into rent , leaving me with 1200 per fornight

Single , no kids etc, only main bills are gym , phone , elec , internet, interest.

Any advice on how to approach this would be appreciated, currently options were to do a 2nd job but 47% tax on it , had me thinking i mat aswell change my main job for hope of a higher paying role , however love the company i work for but not sure if they can provide an extra increase .

Currently have good parents if i was to worst case ask them to clear it , but i would never want my future kids to be given a free pass out of what i did , no longer  gamble , ceased going out.

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    u should ask your parents to pay if in full and then u will be repaying them their money back in installment plan. the difference would be your paying back would be without interest.

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