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If people went to high school then why are some so dumb after?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Because they don't really teach you many useful things there and you can literally sleep in every class and still pass.

  • sdc_99
    Lv 5
    9 months ago

    Because you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think

  • Bill
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    going to school and actually learning are two different things

  • John
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Some are adamantly dumb.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    high school teaches nothing useful at all. yeah i know the refractive index of toluene and atomic weight of sulfur tetrachloride but to this day i still dont know certain basic life skills like how to buy a house or how to do taxes completely on my own.

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