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If a single man lives alone in a 1-bedroom apt. in NYC with his own car and parking space and makes 50K a year, is he lower or middle class?

Let’s say he is looking for a nice woman to settle down with and start a family, and is planning on attending his high school reunion.  From a woman’s standards, and a man’s former classmates and teachers’ point of views, did this man make something of his life?

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  • Foofa
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    If he's paying market rate rent he certainly doesn't have any disposable income at the end of the month. But whether he's made something of his life depends on what he's doing. Someone could "be somebody" even if they don't earn a lot of money by doing something important and altruistic.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    "did this man make something of his life?"

    Well, I mean its not like he ended up being a piece of schit when he grew up. 

    But thats the thing, when you say you are looking for a nice woman to settle down with, what are your standards?

    Are you looking for a perfect 10 who looks like this:

    You better be looking like the male equivalent to that. Because you aint hitting that if this, "1-bedroom apt. in NYC with his own car and parking space and makes 50K a year", is all that you have going for you. 

    You get what I mean? That be like you hooking up with a chick because she has a puzzy and never been a man. What if she's f1ckin ugly, overweight, or has body hair in weird places. 

    Same schit. 

    Now if you are looking for a girl who looks like this:

    You may have a chance. But still, not if you dont bring anything good to the table.

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    He could have done a lot worse.  I would say he would be considered lower middle class but still viable.  But the right woman will not be overly concerned about finances.  Things have a way of working out.  It's going to be tight though supporting a family on that, especially if your wife stays home with the kids.  Have you put any money in the bank?  Would your parents be supportive with baby-sitting if your wife worked?  Are you the kind of person who wants luxuries or are you content with the basics of life?  Is this your 5th or 10th school reunion?  Are you likely to get raises or get promoted in this job?

    And what part of NYC do  you live in?   

  • 9 months ago

    If he is happy then he made something of his life. He is defiantly not lower class as he makes 20k above the median average income.

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