How might a geographer classify economic activities that take place in your school? explain ?

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    8 months ago

    Economic activities by sector: services provided [by administrators, teachers, and support personnel] and consumed [by students, and indirectly by parents and society at large].


    - Are intangible products, as opposed to manufactured goods, which are physically tangible or touchable.

    - Services are the most valuable form of economic production.

    - Not all services are as valuable as others.

    - One way to classify them is by the level of pay and benefits they provide employees.

    - Low-benefit services are sectors where the labor force tends to be hourly employees who receive few if any additional benefits, like paid vacation or health insurance.

    - High-benefit services are sectors in which pay tends to be salaried and includes considerable fringe benefits like health, dental, vision, vacation, sick days, and retirement reimbursements. 

    - The benefits are provided by other high-benefit service industries such as insurance companies. 

    - High-benefit positions include the areas of business services, health care, government, and EDUCATION.

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  • 8 months ago

    You're assuming I have a school.

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