Are bands better off having songs in the charts or albums ?

For example : Arctic Monkeys have only 1 charting single and multiple top 40 albums in Billboard. Same as the Strokes, who have 4 top 5 albums in America but barely one single making it to the hot 100 with JUICEBOX at 93

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  • 9 months ago

    Bands tend to make far more money from touring and merchandising than from either singles or albums, so the answer would be 'whichever persuades more people to see them in concert'.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    "The Strokes were a subpar band. 

    "Are band better off having popular Albums or Popular songs 

    "Its really up to the band or the artist. People can chose what they listen to now with the click of a button. And artists can record a single or an entire f1cking album for a fraction of the cost than they would have been able to 30 years ago. 

    So if you really are into making music for the music. There has never been a better time. 

    But if you are in it expecting superstardom, you are in for some big dissapointment in life AND you better get in line and wait your turn for your 1 second of fame. Because thats all you are going to get.

    And you are only as good as what you continuousely keep uploading on soundcloud, youtube, and Bandcamp. Soon as you start slacking and missing a days worth of content, you are buried. Forgotten."

    Thanks for the easy 2 points azzhole, although I do honestly feel that my and Andrews answer to the other COPY of this question should have been sufficient. There was no need to ask this again. 

    So. I suggest that if you arent getting the answers you want, maybe consider asking something that is a little more f1cking specific, as your question is too general

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