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She said, " All I am saying is, I'm not going to wait for you anymore", and blocked me on social media?

After being on/off for 8 months, and she's met my son, family, and friends, we had a PETTY argument while she's on a business trip, and she states, " I'm not going to wait for you/ your commitment anymore + what I deserve"... I am a 37(divorced/ w/a son/business guy), she's 22 (former beauty queen/grad student), and she seems beyond disconnected from me. Advice? did she just break up with me? or me with her? blunt answers please.. I literally have already "apologized from the bottom of my heart" to her, and she's giving me the cold shoulder.

I already (and keep) telling her im passive/timid to commit it due to my past failed relationships

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    I think you guys need to have a frank conversation about the relationship and where this is going/not going etc, because it appears you guys are at a major cross roads here and a decision needs to be made.

    She clearly wants a committment from you, that differs from what you are offering her currently, she is telling you she's not happy with where things are at. Do you see this going the distance? Do you see yourself marrying her and her being a step-parent to your son? Or do you feel both of you want different things out of life.

    I think you owe it yourself and to her to figure this out.

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  • Linda
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    8 months ago

    She apparently thinks you are not ready to take the relationship to the next level and she says she is tired of waiting. So it sounds like she was hoping by now she would be engaged and it isn't going in the direction she feels like it should and she feels she deserves better. So if it was me I would pursue other girls who can accept you for what you can offer them. She may have been more interested in what you can do for her rather than what she can do for you.

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  • Layne
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    8 months ago

    I am 19 and I get it, really.  We are just too young and inexperienced and a person can get caught up in the drama.  Fortunately, we (my boyfriend and I )are both the same age.  

    We may be mature at our age but we really are unpredictable.  I don't want to hurt your feelings but she is now feeling regretful being with you but she knows that a part of you still loves you!~  Trust me here. I am too emotional and I get told to tone it down.  I am frenetic and at times needy and other times entitled.  That is a by-product of my situation health-wise.

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  • 8 months ago

    ok. blunt. She is 22 and you are 37, you may as well be from different countries. You will have totally different ideas for how to raise children, you had totally different childhoods, totally different tastes in music. you want the truth? if she is 22 and you are 37, she is fun to play with but she is not long term. Move on. 

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