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Turtle not eating and isnt active as normal?

My turtle, I think a slider, around 12 to 15 years old, isn't eating or moving around like usual, it's alive, it just doesn't move around a lot and doest eat when I feed it, it started a few weeks ago when I couldn't feed him for a few days because I couldn't get to the local pets mart, I tried to feed him, I feel like he would have lunges for it as fast as possible, but he just went in his shell and never ate it, whenever I feed him he usually snaps at it, but no, he just sits there, also, he doesn't move like usual, I think it might correlate with him not getting enough sun and him eating that same food for his whole life, or that when I could get to the pet store, I tried to feed him lettuce and tomatoes, also, he gets dad reptomin sticks if that helps, can anyone help me PLEASE.


It's only been a few minutes, but i cleaned his shell of gunk put a heater and lamp by him, and guess what, he's moving, eyes open, alert, it's a miracle.

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  • 8 months ago

    I have a RES too, it is getting close to their hibernation time and they're starting to not eat and hunker down for the winter. He was probably starting too as well, but you woke him up. I can assure you he is fine, regardless of age. (they can live to 40+) I wouldn't recommend feeding him sticks, as they don't eat them in the wild. I feed mine strawberrie, (she loves them) watermelon. As for actual food, I feed her Fluke's Medley, (crickets + meal worm blend) it's high in protien and what they would normally eat out in the wild. I also give her Tilapia fillet chuncks, (from a bulk pakage from Walmart) and feeder goldfish from time - to - time. Hope that helped!

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  • 8 months ago

    If I were an adult slider, I'd turn up my nose at what you are feeding too. Try a mix of small fishes, earthworms, and liver. Leaf lettuce is okay for adults, which yours is. Avoid head lettuce, such as iceberg. But concentrate on the "meat".

    Keep the water near 80 degrees F and the basking spot around 90 degrees F. Keep the light on 12 hours per day.

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  • 8 months ago

    Probably too cold or not enough uv light.

    Add: not a miracle, it is called giving proper care to a defenceless per.

    • Evan8 months agoReport

      Miracle in a figurative way

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