What are the good and bad that stand out in Modern Warfare to you?


For me the game feels good as far as weapons go and the customization is really good. The levels are decent and seems to get better the more you play. Newer game and good additions to tweaking your controls etc.

The bad is mainly the spawn killing, camping which is making the games too slow and really no great way that I have found to get them out of their camping spots like in some previous titles. Claymores...

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  • Will
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    9 months ago
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    Good: Special Ops is awesome and provides a serious challenge for once that requires teamwork. 

    The campaign's end cutscenes actually made me feel excited in a way where you can't wait for the sequels to come out. Only thing is, Modern Warfare 2019's sequels already exist. So I guess it made me want to go binge COD 4 Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3.

    Crossplay or whatever it's called where PSN, PC, and Xbox can play together is nice. I have yet to actually encounter a PC user who refers to themselves as the master race. I think that's more of just a keyboard warrior thing over social media. 

    Bad: The campaign was one heaping pile of pro-feminist power and other political gibberish. In real life no female would ever be allowed to lead a rebellious Islamic militant group. It also had nothing special to it. It just felt like a typical COD. It was fairly fun, but nothing special. 

    Multiplayer is nothing special. Even Ground War which supports large teams and is like a Battlefield match is nothing special. The spawn killing/trapping as you mentioned is a big turn off. The worst part about multiplayer to me is it mainly it has more small maps than medium to large. I dislike small maps because you either kill or get killed every 10 seconds or footsteps, which usually is why you unintentionally end up spawn killing the other team or is why you get spawn killed; there is no place to go other than where the people spawn in.

    My rating for the game is 5/10 stars. One star for the game being a prequel to COD 4 Modern Warfare. Four stars to Co-op Mode

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    bad = death

    good  =  make great video games..

    Could of gone long and verbose, but iv'e decided to go short and sweet..

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