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Adderall on Hair Drug Test (Dosage)?

I am prescribed 10mg Adderall 2x a day, I take mostly on weekdays to help me with my job, sometimes i may take an extra one but i do not take on weekends/holiday/time off. I just got a new dream job and they will be doing hair test. I do have a prescription so that would not be an issue, and it would not be considered a safety risk since it is sales, my question would be: I know it will come as positive for Amphetamine, will they see that sometimes i may take more than the prescribed? Does the hair test shows that difference? I do not want them to say that i am abusing since i am not, my doctor is aware as i just dont want to go to a higher dose as my current dosage works well and lasts for the month. I am not sure how the hair test comes up and would appreciate any help!


WOuld the test show that sometimes i take 30mg? which is more than prescribed.

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    Discuss it with HR before the test, ensure they are aware of your prescription and have your doctor's contact information.

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