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Can I be removed from Amazon for reviewing products I get for free?

I got a message from an Amazon seller saying that if I bought their product on Amazon they would send back my money through PayPal. And they said they encourage reviews but it is not required for the refund.

Is this legal? As a customer, can I be sued or removed from Amazon?

P.S. The product is Prime so I am not worried about being scammed. I can return it for free for a full refund if the seller doesn't follow up with the money.

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  • I've never heard of an Amazon seller doing that. I use Amazon a lot but I don't work for them. I haven't had a problem with asking for a refund with Amazon. Usually if you pay with a credit card on Amazon, they refund what ever you bought from the seller to your credit card. If you ask for a refund, usually the seller asks you to return the product before you get a refund. When they receive the product, a refund typically takes about 3-5 business days. Also why would you leave a review if you weren't happy with the product.

    You can check with Amazon's customer service about this situation and report the seller if possible, but some thing doesn't sound right. In the future, maybe let the seller know that you work for Amazon and see what happens.

    Unless you do some thing totally against their policies or guidelines, then you could be removed. You're not likely to get sued unless the seller decides to take legal action against you.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They're up to something...IDK what exactly but its not legit because there are companies in India you can contact to do like 100 reviews for around $99. They will probably do something like say I over paid you so you owe me, or some kind of's not legit. And you are correct, if Amazon would find out about it you would most likely be banned and if it were illegal, they would report it for sure. Don't do it. 

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