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Discomfort/Pain in groin when touching testicle?

I have a small lump the size of a pimple on my right testicle. The discomfort/pain in my groin definitely is coming from my testicle because when I squeeze the testicle, the pain rushes up through my groin. It sometimes just feels uncomfortable and sometimes I will feel a hard pain in my groin. I dont think my testicle has swollen or anything. They both feel about the same size and are firm and feel like a grape. I’ve had the lump for about 2 months. Just today, I was running outside and my groin started to feel strange. I didn’t feel like this before. When I rubbed my fingers around the testicle, the pain felt a bit stronger than before. I don’t feel the pain directly in the testicle, mostly in the groin. At the moment, the pain doesn’t feel as intense as before. The pain is only felt to the touch of the testicle. And as of today, when I run I feel discomfort in groin. What could this be? 

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  • Tj
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Best to see your doctor. He may send you to a urologist.

  • shroud
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    9 months ago

    FIRST don't squeeze your nuts

    if you feel a lump on your testicle you should see a doctor fast as you can

    if you want to keep using your testicles get them checked

    hopefully it's nothing BUT it could be very bad

  • 9 months ago

    It's normal to feel pain when you squeeze your testicle. Having a lump there for two months is not. See a doctor it definitely should be checked out. Don't wait.

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