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True or False, the lower a rapper sags his pants the better he is at rapping?

I think this is true. Lil Wayne was not the first person to sag his pants but he made it the most popular. He sags his pants really low and look at the outcome...he is considered the best rapper right now. Then you have other good rappers who also sag their pants like Tekashi69, XXXTentacion, Migos, etcetera.  

Then ive noticed the less a rapper sags his pants the less important they are in hiphop. Rappers who dress more conservative like Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, etcetera.

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    I find the ones who dress "conservative" to be better out of the Rappers you listed

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    Are you saying if a rapper were to take it even further and walk around in his underwear that he would be considered one of the best? Because thats what 2Pac did in his 'I get around' video and he went on to become the greatest rapper of all time. So that makes this statement absolutely TRUE!

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    That's another way to use the expression "get down."

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