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Is it worth wearing a Habs hockey jersey in Boston? Or would I get attacked?

Okay, I traveled up to Montreal a few months back (I happen to be part French Canadian) and purchased a Habs jersey. Don't get me wrong, I still like the Bruins too.

So is it ill-advised to wear that jersey around Boston? Because I observe that Bostonians hate the Habs, and Quebecois in general.

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    It probably wouldn't be a good idea to wear any other team's jersey in Boston.  That goes double if it's a Habs jersey.

    You could probably get away with it in NYC, Chicago, or any of the other Original Six towns.  Even Toronto.  But Boston is just a bad idea.  Bruins fans are more like a territorial gang than regular sports fans.

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  • How anyone could support both teams is at best bizarre. Full disclosure: I hate both franchises. Seriously-pick one.

    While most fan bases have a meathead contingent, Boston brings casual racism and raft of other garbage to the table. At least NYR and Philly fans are occasionally funny with their insults. Going to the Bell Centre brings unique challenges (long pregame ceremonies, the majority of their fans haven't removed that giant stick up their rear ends, and occasionally being sworn and spit on in their own language (not true French, more like French-accented Newfie gibberish with the occasional "TABERNAC!" thrown in for no particular reason; it's as if they think they invented the word).

    The Toronto Dominion Garden (that's what TD stands for, rubes) is worse. Brooon fans can't hold their booze (2 cups of Sam Adams sewer water and every racial slur you can imagine comes out), have zero sense of humour, and their main play-by-play announcer is a full blown MAGA chud. I made the mistake of taking an Asian woman (from South Korea) to a game (we'd been out on a few dates) and two Brooon fans who managed to get into the country were calling her a "ch***" and another equally reprehensible word before security escorted Mikey and Patty out of the building.

    Boston is Philadelphia with worse food and zero self-awareness. Normally I'd say wear it, but if Sully/Matty/Donny and his crew of unemployable mouth-breathers get tickets through some tertiary contact, bet on one of them wanting to start a fight on some nationalistic thing (never mind that their two best players are Canadian...I had one of their fans try to tell me that Patrice Bergeron was American (he's not) and was loudly insisting I was wrong by getting two of his fellow idiots to start that "USA" chant that screams "ugly American".

    I can go to Chicago or even Detroit and nothing remotely this bad happens.

    TL;DR, wear it at your own risk and be ready for someone to sucker punch you.

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    anyone outside of quebec and france hates shithole quebec filth.

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