need cleaning hacks without chemicals!?

as a mother of two kids.. i really don't like using chemicals around the house since my boys are under age of 3 and makes my apartment smells so much chemicals that we cant even breathe.. I've been looking at Pinterest but almost nothing works..if you guys have really good tips that doesn't need chemicals please let me know..whether it's for bathroom,room,carpet, and kitchen.. please type the indigents and directions... thank you

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  • hart
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    peroxide or lemon

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you go to and use the keywords "natural household cleaners", you will find many recipes that are based on baking soda vinegar and other common non-toxic products for cleaning just about everything in your home. Also orange oil is a very good cleaner as well

  • Cammie
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Look up info on Vinegar, baking soda,dish soap and I use good old bleach.Yes, it's a chemical. You only need a very little mixed with water.Your home needs to be clean enough for your kids.

  • 4 weeks ago

    you are totally over thinking it.

    Basic soap and water works well to clean just about everything.

    water and vinegar with a drop of dish soap is great for window washing too.

    ALSO, keep in mind that most people use far more of any cleaning product than is recommended which can cause that strong chemical smell. READ the labels of what ever you use and don't exceed the recommended amount.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You don't need a lot of fancy commercial cleaning products to clean your home.

    A mixture of hot water, white vinegar, and a little dish soap will clean most household grime.  Just rinse afterwards with clean water.

    • how many times a week do you usually clean with hot water,vinegar and dish soap.. i usually have to clean it twice a week... and what about mold in the ceiling? i forgot to mention that on my question last night... my partner did deep cleaning with bleach but after like five days it came back... 

  • drip
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    White vinegar and apple cider vinegar have lots of cleaning benefits.

    I use lots of cleaning products. Not sure why your home smells so much of chemical. Make sure to rinse well.  You can cut some of them with water. 

    I also like Murphy’s Oil soap.  Great fresh scent. Good for floors and wood

    A sprinkle of baking soda and vacuuming  can freshen carpets

  • Jason
    Lv 5
    4 weeks ago

    Vinegar will clean just about anything and it kill bacteria like ecoli and salmonella. 

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