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How can i get by with insufficient data with little time left to change topic?

Everyone........Like me is still cramming to get our research topic approved but the Thing is, their data is sufficient but Mine is not. My research is all about alternative formations for a football team and I got data from a coach who is a friend of my dad. However, the data he has is not as expected as I hoped it would be. I need individual stats and he has team stats. He has videos of the full matches but that means using over 1500 minutes just to watch the videos and get individual stats while making sure the indiv stats add up to the team stats. Aside from that, some of the team stats are missing, it doesn't show interceptions made or tackles made. I'm stressed because I can't believe I trusted that coach and when other coaches make post-match stats they include many things. Even my Gym coach in elementary who handles the football team include tackles and interceptions in his post-match stats. In short, the team stats is the core of my data but it's lacking in some attributes.

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