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Why do I feel lightheaded/depersonalized/high (I'm not high)?

Ive been sick with a cold for the last week, and a couple days ago I suddenly felt very tired in class and felt very dizzy, like my surroundings weren't real. This happened again but passed like it did the previous day. But yesterday and today as soon as I woke up I felt like this and it's not going away.

I can see straight, think and move fine, but I feel different not normal and I can't concentrate on school properly. Everything feels a little slower and I feel unaware.

I have adhd but I do not think its related to this. I was at the shops yesterday feeling like this and when i saw a crowd of people I just said 'but look at all those people' for no reason to the person I was with, and I didn't really mean to say it, it just kind of came out.

Does anyone know what this is?

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  • 9 months ago

    I know of something very simple you can try. The experts say that what's called grounding can help with D/D. It's like a very simple version of mindfulness training.

    These are some things you can do in the kitchen. Very carefully wash and dry some dishes, focusing on what your hands feel and the sound of the water. Put a variety of common objects on the counter, pick them up one by one, examine them, and name them. Count things. 

    Breathing slowly, be aware of your physical sensations - the air passing through your nose, the feeling of your clothing on your body and the pressure of the floor on the soles of your feet. Look around, aware that you're in the here and now.

    Why you have this problem is hard to say. It can be a sign of anxiety or depression.

    You can take a depression screening test designed for teenagers online - KADS 6-Item. I'll show you an article with signs you may have an anxiety disorder.

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    9 months ago

    You're sitll sick. That's a virus. You're likely dehydrated and malnourished and your immune system is still fighting it. I had a nasty flu last year that took me down for 3 days and when I was better I still couldn't work out for about a week. I had no energy.

  • 9 months ago

    Now that you are taking antibiotics, do you feel any better?  The FLU  is pretty bad this year.  Your physical health is very important.  You are worried about the tests you will be taking for school but you should be more worried about your physical well being. Like a mother I am telling you not to go to the shops when you are so ill, as you will only catch more of the flu.  Take care of yourself. 

  • 9 months ago

    It is possible that you have a serious inner ear infection and that your sinuses are infected, too.

    Remember that your inner ear regulates your balance and so your dizziness could be related to this.  And if you have a severe upper respiratory infection, you could be running a fever and not know it.  And this would account for a lot of what you are experiencing. 

    My advice to you is to see your doctor or go to an emergency room or an urgent care for an examination by a physician.  I think you should be on antibiotics and confined to your bed.

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