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What temporary dye can I use that will wash out after a couple days? ?

I have an event coming up in a couple months and I’m supposed to have hair close to my natural color (dark brown). I love dying my hair vibrant colors and I would much rather not bleach my hair again after having it darkened. Is there a temporary dye out there that can help a girl out? I’ll need to have my hair brown/black for about 5 days.

I would also rather not use a spray. I will be moving around a lot and I don’t want it to just bleed onto my clothes. Also I’ll need to have my hair down (it’s a cultural event). 

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  • L'Oreal Colorista and Arctic Fox are the only brands I know of that would stick your hair color. You can also try hair chalk, but it dries out your hair. Arctic Fox and the L'Oreal brand are cream dyes. But they may not show up as bright as they would on lighter hair colors. If you put your hair in a shower cap after dying it, you shouldn't have too many stains. Also wear old clothing that you don't care about getting stained when you dye your hair. The worst dye with bleeding for me was manic panic. 

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