Am i wrong for being upset at my job?

I am working a part time job, giving me FULL TIME hours, wont hire me full time, people call out i have to do my department on weekends alone yet they hire people for other departments and after YEARS working they give me hours on days I cannot work (its only two days i can come in the other 5) because I go with my now husband to his doctors appointments for his seizures. 

I like my job and i show up and do the best i can but i hate they are now doing all of this. I dont want to complain to my job because I need this job to help pay for rent, food for my husband and I and the electric bill us my transportation. Why give me full time hours but tell me you cannot hire me full time? I am upset at this is that wrong?

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    This isn’t wrong, you should be upset because you’re doing more work with less pay. They should be hiring you for full-time if this is what they’re doing but they aren’t which is clearly wrong.

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  • 8 months ago

    They may not be able to permanently offer you full time hours and thus don't want to classify you as full time.

    If this is a retail type job, they're now into their busy time of year which will drop off drastically in January, causing hours to be cut.

    Have you asked them directly for a full time contract? It's possible they don't know you would be interested or that the full time schedule doesn't allow you to have the time off that you're needing for your husband's issues.

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