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Why are the people in the parenting section so cruel when asking for advice?

You'd think that in this category there would be other parents who can sympathize with difficult situations that parents do go through and instead of sharing wisdom, I'm called names, made fun of and made to feel stupid.

I thought this was a place for sharing your wisdom in areas you have some level of expertise in. It really is more of a place of cruel judgement. When you report the comments, they stay right where they are.

It's sad that a mom who clearly is upset and is reaching out is berated, it's unnecessary.

Why do parents treat other parents like they are gods and the receiver is inept, merely dog poop under their shoes. It's just gross.


*The parenting group on Yahoo Answers

Update 2:

@martin so if you know the person is upset, why antagonize even further, it's like kicking a dog when it's down. I would try to calm the person down and let them know they are not alone and then give advice. I'd never poke the bear. How did it feel when it happened to you as yet again, it's another relatable thing people go through, getting re-knocked down unnecessarily. 

Update 3:

@keep it simple Thank you!

Update 4:

@ANONYMOUS It ironic that you say you NEED to see someone's profile face and name to be taken seriously when #1 you stated this ANONYMOUSLY #2 before anonymous was a thing people never use a real name or picture to create a YA account so why does it hold value? #3 what does a profile have to do with the meat of a question and its details (you can't take that at point value? Anonymous shouldn't be a major clue to tell if someone is trolling or not. 

Update 5:

The reason why I ask anonymously is that I do have a significant following on another forum which is Youtube I am an influencer. I don't want people researching me to find out anything personal connected to me. That can cause a lot of grief for me and my channel. I'm not going to lose my channel because people like you need to have the self-satisfaction of knowing the personal stuff that has nothing to do with the question.

Update 6:

@KEEP IT SIMPLE AND @PR I want to say thank you for your answers as both were helpful. One response was kind and interpersonal and the other PR was kind but gave a solution to follow which is why i'm giving best answer to that response. but I do equally appreciate both. 

Update 7:

One last thing I'd like to say. In most answers I got, the response to why they give grief is because they think some are trolls. Well, in this case, I was not a troll yet I got horrible responses. I'd make sure from here on out that you make sure that a "troll" is actually a troll. There's no way to know this unless it's painfully obvious. so just in case, you all should just respond to others as though the question is really real. 

Update 8:

I didnt' realize I already gave best answer to keep it simple. 

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    Not everyone on here is like that even if it's a troll question I answer properly or I just don't if I'm certain it is a troll question. The old people have a saying for every kind person god made he sprinkles some salt and each grain represents the amount of a.s.s.holes per person. Now they have free reign and anonymity to be as cruel as they want. Don't let people like that make you feel the world is an awful place or even the community here, I've seen some pretty amazing answers on here that felt like someone actually poured their soul into it so don't let it get you down to much.

    Good luck hope you get better answers next time around.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Maybe your questions are so outrageous we just say 'another anon troll'.

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  • PR
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    If you are having trouble getting a reasonable answer to your questions, you might consider searching the actual answers for a topic you are inquiring about. This could be anything such as:

    -Toddler not sharing

    -Baby crying through the night

    -Brother picking on sister

    -Child not talking

    Even if you don't find your answer on YA, you should be able to find it by doing a search. Also, consider family, friends or neighbors who may have had experience with whatever you are having trouble with. 

    Some people are either nasty, or know-it-all's, but not everyone is.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Most of the questions asked in this section are asked by trolls. Your profile is hidden so we don't even know what you are asking.

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  • martin
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Because this is an open forum, you can get a feel for the psychological status of all too many people, which is an angry state of mind.

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