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What can I do with my cuckoo clock?

It is an 8 day cuckoo clock It is in a box I took a picture of it. 

I have a hard time regulating it to keep time since I had it repaired when I bought it and the cuckoo froze up on it. 

It goes slower and slower when I  pull the pendulum down and faster and faster when I put the pendulum up. 

What should I do?

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    That's the way the pendulum is supposed to work.  The longer it is, the slower it runs.  The shorter it is, the faster.

    We can't see from the picture, but it may have either a mainspring that you wind - generally with a T-shaped key - or some weights on a chain - probably looking like metal pine cones - that power the mechanism.

    Wind it, or position the weights properly, then start the pendulum swinging.  Then LEAVE IT ALONE.

    Let it run for a few hours, and only adjust the length of the pendulum if it's running fast or slow.  Once it's running at the correct speed, don't change the length of the pendulum again.

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    8 months ago

    I've heard this happens when you pull your pendulum too frequently.

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