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Can clindamycin antibiotic (used on face) affect birth control pills?

Okay, so I’m aware that taking clindamycin AS A PILL can decrease the effect of birth control pills. But I use duac (a prescribed skincare remedy) on my face. Duac contains  Benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. I just put it only my face at night and it washes off with my morning skincare. 

Birth control pills have always worked for me, even whilst using duac, but I do wonder if that’s just a coincidence and good luck?

Whilst taking birth control (a bit TMI here, be warned) I have noticed thicker discharge and my BF said it was quite thick in consistency too. Birth control prevents pregnancy via thickening vaginal fluid - is this proof that my pills are working?

Either way, this month my bf didn’t actually *** inside me (he was too focused on making me feel good, bless him I love him so much) but I’m aware that pre-*** is almost as risky as ‘normal’ ***. 

Maybe I’m just over thinking? Just hoping I’m not pregnant lmao, that’d be gross.

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  • Sky
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    8 months ago

    If the information isn't in the insert that came with the medication, you should direct your question to your doctor, the pharmacist, or even call the number on the box to ask the manufacturer.

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  • Tulip
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    8 months ago

    What did the insert say when you read it

    • elerijoness8 months agoReport

      Duac didn’t mention any interaction as croon with birth control as far as I’m aware, as for the birth control I’m pretty sure it said ‘some’ antibiotics can affect it which isn’t exactly helpful.

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