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Can I Teach English in China without a university degree, with just a Tefl Certificate? ?

I’m 28 years old, a lot older than when my friends travelled abroad for work/travel.  Iv always wanted to travel to China on a work visa. I left college and went straight into vocational work. A lot of friends/colleagues said it’s next to impossible without a university degree if i want to teach English. Is this true? Can anyone recommend alternative qualifications? Or just general advice on the subject thanks. 

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    Go to and click on Jobs to see the jobs available and the requirements. I know there was one program in China that took current college students who hadn't graduated yet, but they had to have 3 years of college. Please note about Sparrow's response that not have a teaching degree is not the same as not having a degree. 

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  • 8 months ago

    My next door neighbor went to Hong Kong and was hired to teach English.

    He doesn't have a teaching degree.

    I read that they have a great need to learn English, that sometimes the English

    classes have a 100 students and the teacher is only on a TV monitor, not

    even present.

    Also, I asked him if it's a problem that he doesn't know much Chinese.

    He said no. They still wanted to hire him.

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