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My dog has bad gas. What can i give him to help it?

My dog has very bad gas, He farts, and burps all the time, and sometimes it causes him discomfort. You can tell. His farts will clear a room. He has a good diet. We alternate between Purina Dog chow, and Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend on a week to week basis. It's supposed to be super healthy stuff. It's also super expensive. LOL!! Anyway. I found some stuff at the grocery store called HomeoPet Digestive Upsets. It's a liquid and you just add a couple drops to his water or food. I didn't expect much when i purchased it. But it actually has helped. But i'm curious if there is something that can work even better that's over the counter. He's a Boston Terrier. A breed known for being gassy. So not sure i can do much. But those liquid drops are helping. Just curious if there was anything better out there that you might recommend.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    This is an English company so you might not get this product but you will find something with these ingredients.

    As said by someone else,  you shouldn't switch foods like you're doing and that could be the cause.  Whenever you change from one kibble to another you should do so over at least a week and certainly not do this on a regular basis as you are doing. 

    Also look for a 'grain free'  diet as it is vegetation that causes gas which is why another poster has recommended a raw diet as without the grain that is in most kibbles,  the dogs get very little gas.  

  • Angel
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    4 weeks ago

    Switching between foods for affordability can cause the problem in itself.  It sounds like your dog has either a sensitive stomach or may have a food allergy which causes the gass and bloating with discomfort.  Try a limited ingredient diet to rule out the different grains, then if still having issues try one that’s all beef, chicken etc. sometimes dogs cannot digest meats as well.  My boy cannot take Corning’s his diet and does not do well on beef, he turns into a gas farm and has cleared out the house.

    I have used charcoal dog biscuits with mint to help settle his tummy should he get into the other dogs food, it seems to work wonders.

  • CB
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    4 weeks ago

    Feed the dog less - same thing happened to our new rescue - backing off the food by quite a bit fixed the problem.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try feeding him a dog's natural diet--raw meat. No commercial dog food is "super healthy" or even healthy. At best, they are tolerable. A dog should be fed a raw meat-based diet. You can Google for various ways on how to implement that.

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  • Gary
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    4 weeks ago

    It’s his food that’s bad

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try switching to a food that's high in protein and low in fats and carbohydrates, possibly even grain-free as those kinds of ingredients have a tendency to cause gas in dogs. If it's got corn, soy, or any other kind of grain then you could potentially have found the source of your dog's indigestion. Their bodies don't digest that stuff as well as humans do.

    Avoid giving table scraps for the same reason.

    Of course, it could potentially be a more serious issue, so it may not hurt to talk to your vet.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I ended up at the Vet when my very large GSD had this issue.  It ended up that she had a very small tumor and needed surgery.

    I have a Rott, and she ALWAYS seems to have gas, no matter what I've tried.  She has a clean bill of health.

    I had a dog that was allergic to chicken, and it gave her gas and caused her to burp constantly.

    What does the Vet say?

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