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What is the best bathroom faucet that won't leak from the seat?

Are lighted faucets known to leak more?

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    8 months ago

    Only have some advice:  we always trusted Moen - had them before, so when updating an older house we bought,  we had every kitchen & bath faucet replaced with the styles we had before.....gave the contractor a pic of our old ones.

    They look the same - they were expensive like old Moen, but turn-out to be chrome-plated plastic junk.  Started having problems with them in 6 months.  Found out they are made-in-China crap Moen puts their name on.

    So - be prepared to pay a lot for real Delta, Moen or whatever made of metal in the USA - or settle for imported plastic crap . . . doesn't matter anymore what brand name they stamp on them.

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      Dittos:  they replace made in USA solid brass with China crap plastic  . . . . and raise the prices.

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  • 8 months ago

    Delta faucets are built very well and that is what I would recommend. 

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  • Bill
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    8 months ago

    ceramic inserts don't leak

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