What was Rudy doing in Ukraine that led him to smear Yovanovitch?

Follow the money.


Sniff, sniff. I smell gas.

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  • 8 months ago

    Trump sent him there to stir up garbage on the Biden's to use it as a tool if Joe Biden became the Dem candidate for President. Which is a good chance. Any Republican narrative about Trump just wanting to gut out Ukraine underhanded garbage, was a big conspiracy that Trump is trying to use to smear his opponents, that's ALL IT IS.

    And why he would use Rudy Giuliani is beyond me, but obviously not this buffoon of a President. Giuliani has a mouth that is about as bad as Trumps......... Notice he doesn't do the talk shows anymore............ wonder why??? Because someone on the Trump staff told him to lay low, he's caused enough trouble. You don't hear about him very much the last 3 weeks do ya??

    • Mike
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      8 months agoReport

      You are too naive. Follow the money.

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