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When was asbestos use stopped.?

I have popcorn ceilings in my house, which I know can contain asbestos. My house was built in 1974. I'm wondering if I'd be able to remove the texture myself or if I'd have to hire due to asbestos. With the year the house was built, I'd expect that asbestos use would have stopped but am unsure. This is in Michigan if laws differ. Also different rooms in my house were built at a different date, as the house was extended on sometimes in the 80s, and the garage was converted to a larger kitchen some time in the 90s. So even if the rooms original to 1974 are unsafe, would these rooms be safe to do myself?

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    health reasons.................

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    I don't know the exact yr.  this was stopped.....but my home was built in 1967, and the builder did not use asbestos.  If you need to make sure your family is safe,  have some scraps  (in a bag) sent to be noted if asbestos free......hope so for your families safety.  Best of wishes 

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    The use of asbestos in textured ceiling was banned in 1977, so your popcorn ceiling may or may not contain some asbestos.  A sample of the material can be sent to a lab for testing, but it would be best to use a contractor to remove the texture (see article).

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    They stopped well before that and it is not in the popcorn because asbestos is grey and your ceiling is white.  They stopped it everywhere in north America in the 50's.  Except for drywall mud, they had it in the mud into the 70's.   That is under the paint on the wall so you are protected by the paint.  Asbestos is not radioactive.  I have handled the stuff.  It is like cooked Beef roast....the fibers of the meat.As for the dust being harmful, I just assumed it was drywall mud dust. It is not like they advertized the I went in right after the sanders left(and they did the sanding unmasked) and I had to sweep down the walls to get the sanding dust off BEFORE I applied the paint.  Still here.  My dad did it longer than I did and he died of a heart ailment(hereditary) so not from Cancer or Lead poisoning(as he worked with Lead paints sometimes, so sanding the old flaking paint off to put on new lead paint was NORMAL. Human skin is quite resilient to all the poisonous chemicals.  Asbestosis did not affect EVERY miner who mined the stuff...just some. Mainly those that also smoked cigarettes too.  My dad also smoked but the cancer thing was not a thing with him. 

    . Check the insulation in your attic.  If it is Zonolite or Perllite it will look like tiny particles of Styrofoam.  95% of that stuff has asbestos in it as it was mined out of the ground.   I handled that stuff, still here. As insulation, it was something. Asbestos was mainly used in coal fired those pipes get red hot.  Later gas fired furnaces using natural gas or propane ran cooler & fibreglass insulation was hitting the scene as the insulation to use replacing zonolite and sawdust.

    .  Rockwool may sound like and look like Asbestos as it is grey, but it has no asbestos in it . It is a lower grade of is cheaper...than Pink or Yellow or Green.  Pink was the most common for house walls followed by older Yellow(different companies made different colors)

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    your popcorn is our artex ...yes it contains asbestos ..but not the deadly type and only 5% ...its only dodgy in its dust form do not saw it ...however its easy and safe to remove ..done it dozens of times ...never a prob ..we use a wallpaper steam stripper ...its very safe when wet ..and the steam softens it so it just peels off  with a scraper ..

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    It may be shocking to many, especially if you’re among the majority of people who believe that asbestos was banned in the U.S. after warnings were issued in the 1970s. But the U.S. continues to import and use asbestos with no plan for stricter regulations in place. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 750 metric tons of asbestos were imported in 2018. Asbestos was never banned in the U.S. so you may very well have it in your home. 

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    A test kit is less than $30 . Your date slips in just after the first limited U.S.ban, which was thrown out by courts, but osha made installation so difficult that it is rarely used. The amount of exposure from removing a sample is insignificant. If it is ACM don't even mess with removing it yourself, you may be able to comply with disposal, but standards for removal documentation could later become complicated. 

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    Never try to remove it yourself. It must be professionally removed, by qualified men in hazmat suits. They did stop using it. You don't just burn down the homes with it. You just make sure that you don't do something stupid - like disturbing it, trying to remove it yourself.

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    I have a condo, built in 1974-75 with popcorn ceilings.

    My suggestion is to have the ceiling tested to find out what the percentage is. That may help you decide if you want to remove it yourself, or at all.

    Since I assume you own a detached house, you can probably do what you want. 

    Because of my condo's proximity to other units, I can't have mine removed unless I use a company certified in asbestos removal.

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    It depends. Different types were banned in different years. Lead paint was banned in 1978. I think you will have some considering the age of your home.

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