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John Lennons videos and music became feminine after he grew long hair, True or False.?

I think so. If you notice he started out his career with masculine songs such as Taste of Honey, Paperback writer, Twist and Shout, etcetera. But after he grew long hair 💇, His videos and music 🎶 became really feminine, (almost gay) for example Yellow Submarine, Revolution, Hey Jude, Imagine. And a bunch of others. I honestly think the long hair had a lot to do with it, and some people might not realize it but something like the hair is what eventually ruined The Beetles. (who would have thought)


Now that i think of it its probably why The Beetles split up and not Yoko Ono. Because the long hair probably gave them 'Diva Type Attitudes' and caused them to fight a lot

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    I don’t think so. They always had long hair. Even the shorter ‘mop top’ haircuts they had when they first came over here were considered long by American standards. And then their hair got longer. Not just John’s. But maybe he kept it longer consistently that some of the others. I just don’t see the hair being a major influence on their music. If anything, drugs probably had more to do with it than the length of their hair. It became more experimental,  “psychedelic”, drug-influenced. Also a lot of their earlier music was more dance-oriented than some of their later stuff. Maybe more influenced by the days when they played in clubs rather than doing primarily studio recording like later on. I also think that Yoko Ono definitely played a part in the band split up. Supposedly another big reason they stopped giving concerts was because the fans screaming was so loud when they played, supposedley as loud as a large commercial airliner taking off they said, that they couldn’t hear themselves playing their own music and they felt that they weren’t growing artistically because of that. And I guess at that point they didn’t really need the money as much anymore.

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    The group's name is spelt Beatles, and he did not sing or write till there was you, paul sung on it and it is from a musical of the 1950's, also ringo sung on yellow submarine, they had long hair, short hair, it made no difference to their music, he had long hair on his first solo album and there were hard songs on it, like working class hero, and cold turkey.

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    OBVIOUSLY false, you dumba$$ gutless coward "Anon." troll who seems to know S.F.A. about anything.  

      "A Taste of Honey" was The Beatles cover of the Scott/Marlow song 1st done by Billy Dee Williams in 1961.  Their version was based on the Lenny Welch cover done in Sep. '62.  They recorded their version on 11 Feb. '63 with vocal by McCartney.      "Paperback Writer" was almost exclusively a McCartney composition, which is why he sings it.  It was released in May 1966.  "Twist & Shout" was The Beatles' version of the song originally done in 1961 by The Top Notes, but their's is styled on the version done by The Isley Bros in 1962.   At least you get THIS one right, dumba$$.  Lennon sings it.    I won't bother to eviscerate the rest of your asinine blather, save to note that Lennon's hair length waxed & waned across his life, & was actually shorter from 1970 until his murder.    The band, B.T.W. a$$hole, was The BeAtles.  The Beetles was the name of the motorcycle gang led by Marlon Brando's character in the 1951 movie "The Wild One."  What a hopeless idiot you are.         

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      Emdog, don't pretend to know your anus from a hole in the Earth, or be so shallow as to think I'm at all "angry".  I wrote an accurate appraisal of what this twit is  Anyone with 1/2 a brain could easily find all this information using the same computer they used to write their idiotic diatribe.  

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    I think it was drug use more than the hair length. 

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    I really dont care one way or another. 

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    That's why KillmouseyKY likes him.

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    Justin Beiber would never have this problem

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    I DO NOT TRACK WHAT PEOPLE DO NOR DO I CARE about their hair....

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    You were dropped on your head as a baby, true or false?

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