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What actually causes eyesight to get worse? ?

I am nearsighted. For multiple years I went to the eye doctor for eye exam and my prescription would get higher/stronger for glasses. Last time I went she said my eyesight remains the same. So what caused it to get worse in the first place? ☹️

Another question: Can looking at your phone at night before going to bed cause eyesight to get worse? 

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    When you're young and growing, your eyesight will change.  After you achieve maturity, it doesn't change so much until you get really old and develop cataracts.

    Eyestrain does not generally cause long-term changes in vision.

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    It's great that you are not getting any more myopic. Causes of myopia are not completely understood. There are three ways of slowing myopia progression that have been demonstrated by scientific studies to work. They are dilute atropine drops, ortho-K and bifocal soft contacts.

    Looking at your phone before you go to bed has been demonstrated to not be good for your health in general. It will not damage your eyes.

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    i would ask your eye doctor this question

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