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If my insurance covers cleaning and xrays, is this amount to be deducted from the yearly max?

I have a 1000 yearly max. I went into one dentist for an exam, xrays and cleaning, because I wanted to schedule a crown placement and knew I needed a cavity filled. Unfortunately, the cleaning and xrays took over 200 from my max and I now only have about 700 to go toward the crown...The cavity is a couple hundred on its own; the crown will require another 700 or so... And I'm broke.

I'm not too familiar with insurance. I had assumed that the cleaning/xrays wouldn't be deducted from that yearly max...if this was correct, it seems the max is fairly low, considering another cleaning is expected in 6 months.


I agree but this insurance is covered by my school 

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    8 months ago

    Either way you would have to pay.

    Dental Insurance is one of the most profitable for the Insurance Company.

    Little risk and few payouts, beyond normal maintenance.

    Save your money, put it in the bank. Unless you have a catastrophe it is not worth it.

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